Neighborhood patios: past lives and encounters at Casa Lunarito

The “Patio de vecinos” are beautiful and traditional interior open-air areas that are frequently found in Andalusian architecture. Located in the center of the house, the patio brings light and freshness during the hot summer days. The plants that adorn it are arranged in terracotta pots.

The patio is the heart of community life and it is around it that the house is organized. In the case of the “Neighbors patios”, this place becomes a meeting and coexistence space between the neighbors. Although the different rooms may belong to different owners and are not always contiguous, the courtyard is crossed several times a day to access the kitchen, bathroom or other rooms. Throughout the day, the neighbors pass each other in the patio, collaborate in common tasks or simply enjoy pleasant moments of camaraderie. It is a space where stories are shared, community ties are strengthened and community life is celebrated.

Among the emblematic residents of the “Patio de vecinos” was Doña Pepa, a woman loved and respected by the entire community. She had lived all his life in Casa Lunarito, inheriting the house from his parents. The memories of his childhood and youth were impregnated in every corner of the patio and the rooms. When she got married, her husband Don Paco came to live with her, and together they built a life full of love and affection in this endearing home. A few years ago, Doña Pepa and Don Paco left us, leaving behind them a legacy of kindness and generosity that continues to shine in the “Patio de vecinos”. Their presence remains a true source of unity and warmth, and memories of their stories and wisdom continue to inspire future generations.

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