The restoration of Casa Lunarito: an Andalusian legacy preserved with passion and effort

The restoration process of Casa Lunarito has been hard work that has required great dedication and effort. The main objective of this project was to preserve the historical heritage of the house, using as much as possible authentic materials and preserving the characteristics of an Andalusian house.

One of the most challenging aspects of this restoration was the lack of vehicular access, since the house is located in a narrow alleyway surrounded by stairs. All the necessary material for the work had to be transported on foot by the workers. The artisans who collaborated on this project are all inhabitants of the town and carried out an extraordinary job, showing great passion and love for its architectural and cultural heritage.

Every detail of the restoration was carefully considered. The original tiles and mosaics were recovered, the carved wooden doors and windows were restored, and the exposed beam ceilings and interior patios were preserved. Andalusian architecture, with its open spaces and features designed to take advantage of air currents, was respected and enhanced in every corner of the house.

In addition to the preservation of the original structure, the comfort of the guests was taken into account. The rooms were equipped with modern conveniences without compromising the historic charm.

The final result is that Casa Lunarito has recovered its original splendor and is ready to receive its first guests. Each room tells a story, each corner evokes the essence of traditional Andalusia and offers visitors a unique experience.

The name Casa Lunarito is a treasure in itself, as it is the historical name that this house has carried for as long as the village elders remember it. Since time immemorial, this house has been known as Casa Lunarito and has witnessed entire generations that have left their mark on it.

The history of Casa Lunarito is one of perseverance and dedication. Casa Lunarito is a tribute to the cultural richness of Andalusia and an invitation to visitors to immerse themselves in its charm.

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